IIAM Conflict Management Cell

IIAM offer its services to develop in-house “Conflict Management Cells” in corporate/business houses, business / trade / professional / management / cultural associations, involving “in-field” or domestic Conflict Managers or mediators, so that the business house or association can utilize this service for managing conflicts arising between the members or between customers or dealers.


Conflict is a part of life and so is management. Today not a single scope of activity can be named where negotiation, mediation or arbitration cannot be applied. ADR professionals provide help in every field – from child upbringing to implementation of the most complicated hi-tech projects, not only settling conflicts and differences, but also preventing them, thus saving financial and time resources, enhancing protection of investments, harmonization of business and social relations and above all enhancing reputation.

Studies have shown that the use of effective Conflict Management programs, prevent almost 99% of all disputes from escalating into time consuming and costly litigation.

IIAM will partner with organisations, association and chambers to establish in-house “Conflict Management Cell” for effectively managing conflicts arising between the members or between customers or dealers. IIAM would impart appropriate training for selected members to become “Conflict Managers” or “Mediators” who can act as neutrals for effective conflict management and resolution in the Cell. Ethical norms and Code of Conduct will be implemented, to maintain credibility and international standards.

IIAM also offer its services to develop “Conflict Management Clubs” in schools and colleges, with the cooperation of teachers and other students, so that it could cater peer mediations for resolving conflicts among students interse or with teachers or staff members and students in an amicable and friendly manner. Teachers, staff members or students who undergo the basic mediation / conflict management training can be Conflict Managers in the Clubs.

Conflict Management Cell

The Cochin Chamber of Commerce and Industry opened the Chamber Conflict Management Cell in association with IIAM, for use by its members for resolution of disputes by mediation on 25 July 2014. The CMC was inaugurated by Mr. Justice Jaysankar Nambiar, Judge High Court of Kerala.