Mr. George G. Poothicote - Director

Mr. George G. Poothicote is a lawyer having over 24 years of experience at the bar including experience in litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution. Has long experience in commercial, corporate, contracts, takeovers, mergers, international taxation, liquidation, investments, joint ventures, trusts and strategy.

He is a senior faculty member of the IIAM with experience in handling major negotiations, transactions and mediations. He is on the panel of neutrals and mediators of IIAM. He is an APCAM Certified Arbitrator and APCAM International Certified Mediator and a Certified Mediator of IMI (International Mediation Institute, The Hague). He is the Secretary General of the India International ADR Association. He is empanelled as Certified Arbitrator and International Certified Mediator with APCAM Centres in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, South Korea and Nepal.

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