IIAM Negotiation


Negotiation is basically a discussion with the other side with the intent to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Negotiation carries with it the idea that there is a place that both parties can get into which is satisfactory to both. Today the popular phrase is “win – win” solution. That is the idea of negotiating. It is not necessarily about conflict, but has an emotional impact on many people. Statistically most disputes settle by way of negotiation – although it could be considerably more inventive, based on the conduct of the parties.

How it Works

In any negotiation, you have to bring the opposite party within the “trading-zone” to continue the negotiation effectively. Once you are in the trading zone, the parties are more relaxed in reaching a deal and the chances of reaching a mutually beneficial and advantageous outcome is more. But this a very innovative art and the very gist of negotiation.

The parties can opt for negotiation and start negotiating with the opposite side, either face-to-face or using the online platform of IIAM, though the Peacegate App.

Deal Negotiation or Mediation

IIAM also provide for “Deal-Mediation” for effective deal making in business and corporate ventures. IIAM Accredited Mediators will act as third-party mediators to finalise the most effective deal for the parties.

The advantage is that an experienced Negotiator, a neutral makes effort to reach a mutually acceptable negotiated settlement, in an informal and non-adversarial process, which has the objective of helping the parties reach a mutually acceptable and voluntary agreement, which will have more value-addition that normal negotiation.

Request for Deal-Mediation

For initiating deal-mediation under IIAM.