Certificate Course on Effective Communication in Mediation

(Code: ITP13) (2 days)

The Certificate Course on Effective Communication in Mediation (CCECM) offers a detailed and comprehensive exploration of the critical role communication plays in the mediation process, with a particular emphasis on resolving commercial and business disputes.

Participants will delve into the nuances of how effective communication skills are essential for mediators, mediation advocates, and consultants.

The curriculum is meticulously designed to cover a wide array of topics, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the subject.

The program encompasses an examination of the theoretical and conceptual foundations of mediation, as well as an investigation of the psychological and sociological dimensions of conflict and communication. Participants will engage in the development of practical skills, including active listening, questioning techniques, the utilisation of non-verbal communication and an introduction to conversational hypnosis. The program will also explore the acquisition of emotional regulation and constructive dialogue facilitation skills.

The importance of effective communication in mediation is widely acknowledged. It is seen as a fundamental aspect of successful mediation, facilitating understanding, building trust, and bridging gaps between conflicting parties. This program places great emphasis on developing and refining these communication skills, ensuring that participants are able to navigate mediation complexities, foster cooperation, and achieve mutually beneficial resolutions. This is done in a way that upholds the highest ethical standards in their practice. The program employs a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, interactive workshops, role-playing exercises, and real-world case studies. These methods ensure that participants gain a comprehensive understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of communication in mediation.

Course Objectives:

1. Understand the role of communication in the mediation process.
2. Develop effective communication skills for mediators and mediation advocates.
3. Learn strategies for managing and resolving commercial disputes through mediation.
4. Analyze the impact of cultural and jurisdictional differences in mediation.


Applicants are required to submit the completed application form, tuition fee and all required documents. No final decision about an application can be made until this documentation has been received and inspected to IIAM’s satisfaction.

For more details, mail to training@arbitrationindia.com


INR 7,500.00 (Indian participants) | US$ 110.00 (NRI participants & participants from SAARC Region) | US$ 125.00 (Foreign participants)
(Fee includes Training material, coffee/snacks for breaks and lunch for 2 days.)

♦ Payment may be made in favour of “Indian Institute of Arbitration & Mediation, Delhi”.
♦ Participants are responsible for their own hotel/hostel reservation.
♦ For cancellation and refund policy, please refer the application form.