Edrameet is the 1st e-Dispute Resolution Application, which can be used for conducting arbitration and mediation, online. It can also be used for trainings, meetings, moot competitions and webinars.

The customized platform makes it possible to do it virtually in the same manner as doing physically. It provides specific space for the Arbitral Tribunal or Mediator Panel and space for claimants or initiating parties and for respondents or opposite parties. It also provides designated space for the Tribunal Secretariat for Administrative Secretary, Stenographer etc.

The word “Edra” originate from Greek language, which means a place for philosophical discussion – a seat, a place to sit, and by extension a home. Edrameet is the new home of digital dispute resolution. Made in India; made for the world!

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For further details regarding Edrameet, please contact dir@arbitrationindia.com