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IIAM publishes an online news-magazine "The Indian Arbitrator". The magazine aims to provide a comprehensive resource for professionals and individuals seeking to navigate the complex landscape of conflict resolution. With a vision of promoting peaceful, efficient, and fair methods of dispute resolution, this magazine is meant to foster a deeper understanding of various ADR methods, including negotiation, mediation, conciliation and arbitration, through in-depth articles, expert insights and analysis, and practical guidance. It will also keep updated the latest legal and regulatory developments in the field, ensuring that the readers remain well-informed about the ever-evolving dispute resolution landscape. The magazine also aims to create a binding relationship between the Institute and its members.

The magazine was officially launched by Mr. Justice M.N. Venkatachaliah, former Chief Justice of India on 15th of August 2003, the Independence Day of India. The magazine was changed to online from 2009 onwards. The magazine was made dynamic by including in the Peacegate App from 2019 onwards. The magazine is also available in the weblink –

Editorial Board

The Editor in Chief of the magazine is Ms. Iram Majid, a legal professional experienced in ADR and an APCAM Certified Arbitrator and APCAM International Certified Mediator and IMI Certified Mediator. The Associate Editors are Mr. Mohd Suboor and Ms. Neha Saifi, legal professionals and ADR practitioners.

Interested to Contribute Articles?

We would like to have your contributions. Any original, innovative and thought-provoking ideas related to ADR may be shared with us. Submissions may be made to the Editor. Publication of the Article will be the discretion of IIAM and submissions made indicates that the author consents, in the event of publication, to automatically transfer this one time use to publish the copyrighted material to the publisher of the IIAM magazine.

Promoting Student Authors

With a view to promote and support students in developing the qualities of legal research and presentation, IIAM is providing opportunity to law students to publish original, innovative and thought-provoking articles on arbitration, mediation, conciliation, dispute resolution and similar topics and critiques on judgments relating to the same topics. From among the submitted articles, every year one student author will receive the “Best Young Author” certificate from IIAM.

Submission Guidelines

♦ Articles should be in English.
♦ Co-authorship is permissible, however it shall not exceed two.
♦ The manuscripts should be an original work. If found plagiarized, the same will not be published.
♦ The submission will be considered for publication based on various factors, including relevance, quality, structure, logic and writing-style.
♦ IIAM reserves the right to reject/ accept any submission. Decision of IIAM will be binding and submissions may be rejected solely at the discretion of the Editors.
♦ Contributors must work with the Associate Editors to incorporate suggested revisions and comments, if their article is shortlisted for publication.
♦ Submissions made indicates that the author consents, in the event of publication, to automatically transfer this one time use to publish the copyrighted material to the publisher of the IIAM magazine.
♦ Cross-posting is allowed only with the permission of the Editors. Moreover, this is subject to the condition that the cross-posting prominently carries wording to the effect that the material was “first published on The Indian Arbitrator Magazine of Indian Institute of Arbitration & Mediation”.

The manuscripts shall comply with the following guidelines:

♦ The document must be in MS Word (.doc) format.
♦ The article should be appx. 1500 – 2000 words. For exemptions on ground of topic requirement, relevance etc., contact Editor.
♦ Please make sure that the prose is clear and the spelling and grammar are correct.
♦ The manuscript should contain a title and a brief synopsis/abstract of the chosen topic.
♦ The title of the submission must not exceed 10 words and the synopsis/ abstract of the topic should not exceed 200 words.
♦ Each submission must include up to three keywords relevant to the theme of the article.
♦ Please take care that quotations, references and footnotes are accurate and complete. Quotations should be clearly indicated and double quotation marks should be inserted at the beginning and end of every quotation. Foreign words not currently absorbed into the English language should be italicized. All citations and notes are to be shown as footnotes.
♦ Wherever a submission refers to case law or other resources, it must provide appropriate links in the main text itself. For Indian case law, contributors may provide accessible links to the case. Factual assertions must be supported with appropriate links to sources. All the authorities shall be hyperlinked in the main text. For those sources which cannot be hyperlinked, OSCOLA citation has to be followed.
♦ Author(s) must include their brief biographical information (in no more than two lines) at the top of the post below the title and shall also attach their latest photograph.
♦ Submission shall be made electronically to with the subject-title “Submission - The Indian Arbitrator”.

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