IIAM Vision & Mission


Our vision is a community that is able to unite in order to solve conflicts and overcome challenges and live in peace and harmony based on trust and respect towards each other.


Our mission is to empower and facilitate reconciliation among the people, create a platform to build partnerships; foster empathy and create a society with a positive attitude.

The mission is to:

♣ Focus on the future and reconcile relationships;

♣ Utilize law as a modality not only for resolving problems, but for healing and helping and enabling everyone to live and work together in peace;

♣ Create an environment in which people can work together to find enduring solutions to conflicts and tensions;

♣ Rather than defining problems only as legal concerns, develop approaches which include humanistic values such as overall well-being, relationships, values and goals, whereby restoring the social fabric that has been ripped apart by the dispute;

♣ Create awareness about ADR as a speedy, effective and transparent justice delivery system;

♣ Accredit and maintain a panel of mediators and arbitrators who are recognized for their integrity, impartiality, expertise, dispute resolution skills and reputation in their fields;

♣ Transform our conflictual society into a collaborative, problem-solving one, with a more tolerant, understanding people;

♣ Fashion a better world for all that is healthy, diverse, creative, and respectful of human rights and values.