PeaceGate App

PEACEGATE is the digital initiative of IIAM. It is a first of its kind Dispute Resolution App – empowering you to resolve disputes by way of negotiation, mediation or arbitration and to be part of a cultural revolution to create healthy communities and to make this world better! Now you can register your disputes, negotiate with the other side, invoke mediation or arbitration and resolve your disputes sitting at the convenience of your home or office. And all this at the ease of clicking a button in your smart phone, making access to justice more convenient and affordable!

PeaceGate is an ADR ERP software, which integrates all facets of ADR— including resolution process, communication and filing systems, back-office support, accounting assistance, registry and secretarial assistance, selection of Neutral, professional management of neutrals, up-gradation and disciplinary process of neutrals, selection of ADR lawyers etc. — in a single database, application and user interface.

It incorporates the best practices in the procedure, practice and professionalism in ADR. You have the option to schedule your dispute resolution processes in the Centres or proceed to resolve it online or through virtual meetings.

Through the App, you can not only negotiate with the opposite side or refer the dispute to mediation or arbitration, you can seek the assistance of “Peegee”, your virtual guide to analyse your dispute and identify the best mode of dispute resolution.

Through the App, you can also sign the Pledge to Mediate, open Time Banking Account, specify the type of services you can offer, request services that you need, manage the Time account, redeem your time etc. through PeaceGate. You can also become a member of the People’s Mediation Society.

PeaceGate will also guide the mediators to conduct mediation as per the approved process and helps the mediator to issue reports, certificates and even create the settlement agreement. The App will also allow the parties to enter their feedback about the mediator and the process, or in case of any complaint against the mediator on account of ethical issues or violation of code of conduct to invoke the conduct assessment process. The App also gives a Directory of Arbitrators, Mediator and Mediation Advocates/consultants. Through the App, you can also book the mediation/arbitration room in the IIAM centres or AMC’s.

Peacegate also gives you the option to learn online various courses connected with ADR through IIAM Academy. Through the App you can also read the IIAM Online magazine “The Indian Arbitrator”, which brings out latest articles, viewpoints, news and events relating to ADR globally.

Take control in the way you want to resolve your disputes! Change to creativity and enhanced visionary procedures in planning your future!

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