Project Mediation

Project mediation is a unique concept by IIAM and APCAM, where the parties to a project contract can jointly appoint a “Project Mediator”, whereby the parties would have the opportunity to work together, in a more collaborative and mutually beneficial environment and oversee that the contract proceeds smoothly.

The Project Mediator is retained by contracting parties to call upon when the parties' own discussions cannot resolve a particular dispute or difference or when the parties need to find a different perspective to an issue requiring a joint solution. The Project Mediator helps to manage the project to the mutual benefit of the project team and the stakeholders, by facilitating effective communication and interaction throughout the duration of the project, which would facilitate the successful and timely completion of the project.

Once the parties include Project Mediation in their contract, an exclusive hotline hub is created in the Peacegate App, with the parties to the contract and the Project Mediator. Any party or the parties jointly, can submit the request for commencing mediation in the hotline hub, and notification and email will be issued to all parties and the project mediator.

Under the Project Mediation, a party or the parties jointly can also initiate emergency mediation, in case of exceptional urgency, to resolve a dispute. When emergency mediation is initiated, the Digital Administrator and Mediator, shall strive to commence mediation as soon as possible at any rate within a period of 24 hours and shall complete the process within a period of 7 days.

When the parties invoke Project Mediation, it is agreed by the parties that they shall not disrupt the services or contractual obligations under the contract and shall continue with the terms of the contract. This helps to complete the project within the time frame, as well as provide urgent solutions to disputes.

The parties can include Project mediation at the time of commencement of a project by opting Dispute Management Clause (“DM clause”) in their project contract.

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