People’s Mediation Centres

IIAM partners with People’s Mediation Society (PMS) – a charitable society formed for the purpose of promoting mediation and empowering people towards sustainable development and creating a harmonious society – for establishing People’s Mediation Centres (PMC) in all parts of the country.

PMS is promoted by a company, viz., Accredo International Business (P) Ltd., which was established with an objective inspired by one of the most passionate missions proclaimed by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (Former President of India), called “PURA” (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas). The concept is to evolve a Societal Grid, which comprises of knowledge, health and e-governance that feed into the PURA Grid. If these Grids complement each other and infuse quality, the villages will be empowered and we will have inclusive growth. Based on the concept of PURA, with the objective of providing an integrated solution for sustainable development, the company had initiated a project called “CREDITS” (Creative and Responsible Entrepreneurs’ Development Integrated Technology System), which relies on Community Power and technology. With the concept of creating entrepreneurs at the grass-root levels through collaborative efforts and active participation, it involves identifying rural clusters with growth potential and creating connectives for them.

The concept of PURA relies on two parts: (1) “Resource Entrepreneurship” – focusing on economic realisation of natural, traditional and human resources with customised technology and modern management to enhance the income level of every household and (2) “Social Entrepreneurship” – focusing on improving the human development index in terms of education, health and better life. “CREDITS” aim to bring in entrepreneurial development to rural people through Resource entrepreneurship by bringing in educational and business activity through technological innovations, making them self-reliant and financially independent, ensuring respectable livelihood. CREDITS brings in the “People’s Mediation Society” and partnering with IIAM, will establish “People’s Mediation Centres” under the IIAM Community Mediation Service, in association with the local community, where they own, manage and administer the Centres, giving them a strong foundation for empowerment, self-sufficiency and independence.

The members of the Society volunteers to sign a “Pledge to Mediate”, by which they would consider mediation as the first option to resolve their disputes with other persons, recognizing that the empowerment to resolve disputes amicably and voluntarily is an expression of civil maturity. The entrepreneurs under “CREDITS” also agree to resolve their commercial disputes by way of mediation, failing which they would resolve the same through arbitration. This makes the “People’s Mediation Centre” a genuine people movement!

The partnership is intended to contribute to the happiness and harmony of the community and increase the social capital and restore value system in the society. The system hopes to become a vehicle for creating a loving and caring world.

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